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The picturesque and enchanting village of Almyrida lies on the entrance of the Souda gulf, with a view of the Lefka Ori (White Mountains). Almyrida located 30 km away from Chania international airport, 15 km from Souda’s main ferry port and 20 km from the city center of Chania.
  • Almyrida has only been developed in the last decade, and still remains unspoilt. Historically, it has great Egm  037interest. The whole area used to be a colony of Phoenicians, the ancient civilisation from which the area Finikia has taken its name. Ruins and ancient tombs can still be found there from that era.
  • At the “entrance” of Almyrida, archeological searches have discovered mosaics and tombs which belong to the Royal Church Rhythm of the 5th century DC. The last battle with the Turkish invading army also took place in Almyrida in 1896.
  • Almyrida is often described as an area of infinite beauty. It boasts crystal clear waters, safe and organised beaches (awarded the blue flag). The hills, filled with olive trees, go far down to reach the coast, while the mountain range of Lefka Ori in the south, grant the area its cool, temperate climate.
  • It really is worth seeing the area with your own eyes, meeting the people and experiencing their hospitality by first hand.
  • At the bay of Almyrida the small island of Karga is ideal for sea-trips and fishing. The island is a natural habitat for many species of birds, an ideal place to rest and nest. More reasons to visit Karga, to see the ancient walls of Finikian times, and the tunnels built during the Second World War.

Egm  082Almyrida offers a fabulous clean sandy beach with clear blue waters, entirely safe for all people., especially for families. The village offers almost anything visitors desire during their holidays – restaurants and taverns right on the sea, cafes, bars, grocers, and a large variety of other shops.
Almyrida is well known for its fresh fish and its delicious local food. Best time to visit Almyrida is in the summer.
The tourism season extends from April to October when the temperature range is from 25-38 degrees.
The clean refreshing air and the green hills surrounding Almyrida are ideal places for walkers.
Almyrida is still a typical Cretan fishing village, unspoilt by mass tourism. Crete beaches are renowned for their beauty and Almyrida has two gently shelving sandy beaches backed in places with waterside tavernas.

  • All Around the bay of Almyrida are villages like Plaka, Kokkino Horio, Gavalochori and Vamos which, together with Almyrida, make a few of the most remarkable tourist resorts in Crete.
  • Kokkino Horio is the village where part of the famous motion picture Zorbas was filmed. It is also known for its Blown Glass factory, which attracts many visitors.


  Aerial Photos of Almyrida

Early Christian Basilica


The most important archaeological sight of Almyrida is what remains of a three-aisled Basilica of the early Christian era (6th century AD), with its restored, extraordinary mosaic floors. On Finikias hill, right above the Basilica site, one can see the ruins of a greek-roman city. Greek-roman ruins are also found on the islet of Karga, just off Almyrida.

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