Thursday, 18th July 2024


Gavalohori and its unique colors, nature and architecture

Gavalohori may not be the most famous village of Apokoronas, but it denitely is one of the most charming: you don't meet very often settlements where the traditional architecture has been preserved so well and with so much 'color'. According to tradition, the village was named after the family of one of the 12 Archons of Constantinople (Gavalades) that settled in Crete in 1082, following the orders of Emperor Komninos.

Traditional architecture, colors and colors again, violet and terracota, benches and arches, houses that preserve the aesthetics of past times (and perhaps, a touch of Byzantium), small green gardens and white yards…

An officially protected, traditional village

Gavalohori is a good place to start and discover how it feels like to fall in love at first ...


Monastery of Saint George

The monastery got its name from the settlement which existed at the site around 1600, abundant with walnut trees. Read More


Gavaliana Wells

These wells played an important role in the society Gavalochori, both during the Venetian period and later.Read More


Folklore Museum

Historical Folklore Museum of Gavalochori is located in Chania and hosted in the building of the former Community of Gavalochori.Read More